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About us

RUSCADASEC is an independent non-profit initiative on developing the open international community of industrial/operational technology cybersecurity professionals.

The initiative objectives are to raise the awareness and expertise of security and industrial automation specialists, to facilitate professional networking between specialists and organizations, to promote a security market, to develop relationship with like-minded foreign communities and increase general level of cybersecurity in industrial companies as a main goal.

The initiative encompasses online groups, live meetups and profile conferences, where the community members monitor main local and global industrial cyber security events, discuss organizational and technical aspects of the topic, share experience and ideas. We are always glad to have new members, ideas, and help on the community developing. Join us!

Simple but important community rules:

1. Be respectful of other members
2. Stick to the topic of the community

Our contacts and resources

Partners and other ICS Security communities

RUSCADASEC Challenge Coin

RUSCADASEC Challenge Coin is a metal medallion with, a community logo, motto, and a unique number, granted to people in recognition of support and contribution to the development of the RUSCADASEC community, contribution to the development of industrial cybersecurity in Russia and globally!

RUSCADASEC challenge coin holders

# Name Country            
001 Anton Shipulin Russia    
002 Ilya Karpov Russia        
003 Evgeniy Druzhinin Russia          
004 Alexey Gurevich Russia        
006 Denis Sukhanov Russia          
008 Daniil Tameev Russia        
009 Dmitry Darensky Russia      
010 Vitaly Siyanov Russia        
011 Anton Elizarov Russia        
012 Roman Krasnov Russia        
013 Yan Sukhikh Russia        
014 Alexander Karpenko Russia          
015 Maxim Nikandrov Russia        
016 Nikolay Domukhovsky Russia        
017 Aleksey Lukatskiy Russia    
018 Alexey Petukhov Russia          
019 Evgeny Gengrinovich Russia        
020 Denis Babaev Russia      
021 Ekaterina Rudina Russia      
022 Sergey Povyshev Russia        
023 Vladimir Karantaev Russia      
024 Andrey Kuznetsov Russia          
025 Marina Sorokina Russia      
026 Sergey Pariev Russia        
027 Alexey Martyntsev Russia        
028 Alexander Lifanov Russia      
029 Andrew Nuikin Russia        
030 Artem Zubkov Russia        
031 Igor Dusha Russia          
033 Alexey Ivanov Russia          
035 Can [ˈdʒɒn] Demirel Turkey        
040 Kirill Manakhov Russia        
042 Zakir Supeyev Kazakhstan        
069 Vladimir Dashchenko Russia      
070 Eugene Kaspersky Russia      
100 Alexey Komarov Russia  

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